Just in time for holiday giving, The Mary Hawley Society is launching an ‘Adopt-a-Chair’ campaign to raise funds for
the installation of 150 seats in the balcony of the Edmond Town Hall’s historic theater.

The campaign has the support of local businesses who have partnered up to provide donors with an adoption card good for one year of special discounts at Newtown Gifts and Treats, and at My Place, Filet, The Hook, and Tambascio’s restaurants.

“The cost to adopt is $150 per chair until all 150 chairs are gone,” said Mary Fellows, who is a member of the Edmond Town Hall Board of Managers. “Adopters can buy a chair or buy a whole row and can dedicate their chairs with a plaque. The Mary Hawley Society will collect all contributions, which are tax deductible.”

One unique aspect of the campaign is that plaques will be placed in front of each adopted chair, rather than in back, making it easier for donors to spot their chair. In addition to replacing the seats, the campaign will make it possible to replace the balcony’s safety guard, made of brass bars, with one that’s made of glass, minimizing visual barriers for balcony audiences.

The theater’s balcony still had the original 85-year-old seats. They were in disrepair and somewhat small. Restoring them was possible, but expensive. Furthermore, the features that modern audiences expect, such as upholstered
seats and drink holders, were not an option. That’s when the opportunity to acquire some new seats presented itself.

“I’m all about community and I love that theater.  I love what they do and the fact that it’s in our town. I know it’s hard to maintain, but we’re lucky to have it,” said John Tambascio, when asked why he got involved with the campaign. He is one of the campaign supporters and owner of Tambacio’s and My Place restaurants.

To adopt a seat or for additional information, call the Edmond Town Hall Manager’s office at (203) 270-4285 or visit EdmondTownHall.org. and use the “donate” button.

The elegant proscenium theater serves as a venue for live musical and drama performances and popular movie showings.  The Board of Managers, a group of six publicly elected officials is responsible for the care and maintenance of the iconic Edmond Town Hall, which was dedicated in 1930 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The building was a gift from Newtown benefactress Mary Elizabeth Hawley and  has served as the heart of Newtown since its inception by providing residents and neighbors with governmental services space; affordable family entertainment through its theater; sports opportunities in its gymnasium; and, elegant space rentals for meetings, fundraisers, civic gatherings, weddings and other celebrations.