Just in time for the start of the holiday season, Newtown families were able to participate in a special preview of the movie “The Good Dinosaur” at the Edmond Town Hall on November 24. More than 1,300 people attended the free event, which was arranged by Andy Clure of the Sandy Hook Arcade Center with the generosity of Disney Studios.

“I knew the movie would be very popular. We wanted to give back to the community so we asked people to bring a food item for the Newtown food pantry,”said Clure. “I was impressed by everyone’s generosity, we filled 17 recycle bins, which we delivered the next day.”

Tickets for the movie were made available free of charge on Monday morning and sold out by 11:30 a.m. Families came to the movie with their children, who created a cheerful “Thank you, Disney” video while in the theater and drew a large “Thank you, Disney” banner which will be mailed to Disney Studios.

Clure, previously a member of the Edmond Town Hall Board of Managers and recently elected to the Board of Education, also arranged two previous preview events for the movies “Frozen” and “Penguins of Madagascar.”

The Edmond Town Hall, completed in 1931 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, was a gift from Newtown benefactor Mary Elizabeth Hawley. It has served as the center of the community and the heart of Newtown since its inception by providing generations of residents and neighbors with governmental services space; affordable family entertainment through its theater; sports opportunities in its gymnasium; and, elegant space for gatherings, fundraisers, civic events or to celebrate life events.  Contact (203) 270-4285 for information or visit www.edmondtownhall.org.