The Edmond Town Hall is a quasi-public organization and as such, donations are considered tax deductible as long as they are used for the public good. While our movies and rentals provide the majority of revenue, our funds fall short of the needs of this special building. The Board of Managers, as stewards of this historic jewel, appreciate any assistance. You may make monetary donations directly to The Edmond Town Hall or you may provide us with a gift from our wish list. We appreciate your support.

Adopt-a-Chair BALCONY Chair Campaign


  • Restore the action on our original 1930 Mason and Hamlin grand piano.
  • “Quiet Curtain” that will allow us to make better use of our performance space.
  • Temporary staging that can be place in our Orchestra Pit
  • Surround sound for our theater
  • Curtains for our Orchestra Pit
  • Side Curtains for our theater stage

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